Livability Index: Three Canadian Cities in Top 10

Canadian cities at the top of livability index

We all know Canada is one of the best countries to live in. Still, it is always good to see the fact reiterated in surveys and analyses. In the latest report by the Economist Intelligence Unit, a subsidiary of the Economist newspaper, on the livability of cities across the world, Canadian cities are amongst the top.

Three Canadian cities – Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto came in at 5th, 7th, and 9th places respectively. This article explores the outstanding attributes that contribute to the high livability standards in these cities, showcasing the factors that make them attractive to residents and why they continue to be sought-after destinations for individuals seeking a fulfilling and prosperous lifestyle.

Why is Vancouver one of the best cities to live in?
Vancouver: one of the best cities to live in

Vancouver: A serene haven on the West Coast

Vancouver, located on Canada’s picturesque west coast, consistently ranks as one of the world’s most livable cities. Surrounded by stunning natural beauty, with mountains, forests, and the Pacific Ocean as its backdrop, Vancouver offers a unique blend of urban convenience and outdoor splendor. The city boasts of a mild climate, abundant green spaces, and a diverse multicultural population.

Vancouver’s livability is enhanced by its robust healthcare system (though admittedly under strain as in the rest of Canada), excellent educational institutions, and thriving arts and cultural scene. Residents can enjoy a wide range of recreational activities, from hiking and skiing to exploring vibrant neighborhoods and culinary delights. The city’s commitment to sustainability and environmental initiatives further adds to its appeal.

Why is Calgary one of the best cities to live in?
Calgary: Family-friendly, economical city with excellent opportunity for outdoor activities.

Calgary: A Gateway to Natural Beauty and Prosperity

Situated in the province of Alberta, Calgary strikes a harmonious balance between a thriving urban center and proximity to stunning natural landscapes. Known as the gateway to the Canadian Rockies, the city offers easy access to breathtaking mountains, pristine lakes, and outdoor recreational opportunities.

Calgary’s exceptional livability is underpinned by a strong economy, primarily driven by the energy sector. The province of Alberta is going out of its way to diversify the economy now. Many technology companies have opened their offices in Calgary including Infosys, one of the most renowned technology services companies of India. The city boasts a robust job market and a relatively low unemployment rate. Additionally, Calgary’s dedication to cultural enrichment is evident through its numerous festivals, art galleries, and theaters. The tax rate in Alberta which is amongst the lowest in Canada and lower housing costs also results in its increased attractiveness to families and companies.

Why is Toronto one of the best cities to live in?
Toronto: The multicultural economic hub of Canada

Toronto: A Dynamic Metropolis of Opportunities

As Canada’s largest city, Toronto exemplifies the perfect blend of diversity, economic opportunities, and a high standard of living. Renowned for its vibrant multiculturalism, Toronto embraces a wide range of cultural influences, resulting in a rich tapestry of art, cuisine, and traditions. The city offers a bustling urban lifestyle with an array of world-class dining, entertainment, and shopping options.

Toronto’s strengths lie not only in its cultural vibrancy but also in its robust economy, which provides numerous employment prospects across various industries. The city’s commitment to education is evident through its prestigious universities and colleges. Moreover, Toronto prioritizes public safety, boasting a low crime rate and a well-functioning transportation system. Toronto, along with its nearby cities of Mississauga, Brampton, Ajax, Richmond Hill, and Markham (collectively called the Greater Toronto Area) is the biggest economic hub in entire Canada.

Factors Contributing to Livability

Several factors contribute to the high livability rankings of these Canadian cities. First and foremost is the emphasis on safety and security, with low crime rates and efficient law enforcement systems. Access to quality healthcare services, including well-equipped hospitals and medical facilities, also contributes to residents’ well-being.

Top 10 most livable cities in the world
Three Canadian cities among the top 10 most livable cities in the world

Education plays a crucial role in Canada’s livability, with these cities offering renowned educational institutions at all levels. Strong public transportation infrastructure, including well-connected transit networks, contributes to ease of travel and reduced congestion. Moreover, the promotion of green initiatives, environmental sustainability, and access to parks and recreational spaces enhance the overall livability experience.

The impressive presence of three Canadian cities, Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary, among the top 10 in global livability rankings is a testament to Canada’s commitment to offering a high quality of life to its residents. These cities combine natural beauty, economic prosperity, cultural diversity, and social well-being to create an environment that fosters personal and professional fulfillment. As Canada continues to prioritize the development of livable cities

Due to all the above reasons, Canada and its cities, in particular, attract a high number of immigrants every year. In fact, Canada got its highest-ever number of immigrants in the year 2022.

Before we end the article, it will be prudent to highlight that there are great destinations within Canada for short trips from these cities. Please check out more in our section on these destinations.

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