Our Immigration Consultants are Certified and Registered

Their credentials can be checked on the CICC website.

Sanchita Chugh, RCIC

4+ years of experience, keen understanding of immigration laws and practice

Grace Weng Senior RCIC @LooneyTooney

Grace (Xia) Weng, RCIC

9+ years of experience, expertise, and practical experience in complex immigration cases and policies

Omaima Junaid, RCIC

4+ years of experience in handling various immigration categories including PNP, EE, SUV, H&C, and more

Anthony Cheah, RCIC

With 10+ years of experience as an RCIC, CAPIC speaker, CPD instructor, & policy expert, Anthony is our go-to Advisor for all complex cases

Jason Guo, RCIC

4+ years of serving clients as an RCIC assisting them in their applications covering PNP, PR, LMIA, and study and work permit applications

Lisana Walks, Lawyer

Our in-house lawyer has expertise in handling refugee cases and appeals. She is also an H&C expert. Lisana is known for going out of her way to assist her clients

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