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Looking for Visa or Immigration Process Support?

Our Canada-based Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) can help you navigate the complexities of Canada’s immigration and visa system.

Why Choose LooneyTooney for Your Canada Visa and Immigration Process?

Certified Experts

Our immigration consultants are certified & government-authorized

Economical Pricing

Our technology-enabled processes ensure lower pricing and better service

Team Work

Each case is reviewed by two or more experts for a higher success rate

No False Promises

We tell it as it is. We will not oversell or make false promises

How Can We Help You?

PR Pathways

Express Entry
PNPs (All)
Humanitarian & Compassionate
Spousal Sponsorship
Other Family Sponsorship

Work & Study

Closed Work Permit
LMIA Application
Study Permit
Temporary Resident Permit (TRP)

Investment to PR

Intra Company Transfer
Start-up Visa (SUV)
Provincial Investment Pathways
Seasonal Entrepreneur
C10, C11, C12 Work Permits

Visa Applications

Visitor Visa
Super Visa
Extension of Visa
Working Holiday
Digital Nomad
Restoration of Status

Our Immigration Consultants are Certified and Registered

Their credentials can be checked on the CICC website.

Sanchita Chugh, RCIC

4+ years of experience, keen understanding of immigration laws and practice

Grace Weng Senior RCIC @LooneyTooney

Grace (Xia) Weng, RCIC

9+ years of experience, expertise, and practical experience in complex immigration cases and policies

Omaima Junaid, RCIC

4+ years of experience in handling various immigration categories including PNP, EE, SUV, H&C, and more

Anthony Cheah, RCIC

With 10+ years of experience as an RCIC, CAPIC speaker, CPD instructor, & policy expert, Anthony is our go-to Advisor for all complex cases

Jason Guo, RCIC

4+ years of serving clients as an RCIC assisting them in their applications covering PNP, PR, LMIA, and study and work permit applications

Lisana Walks, Lawyer

Our in-house lawyer has expertise in handling refugee cases and appeals. She is also an H&C expert. Lisana is known for going out of her way to assist her clients

Book Your Initial Consultation Now

Book with confidence! Your satisfaction is our priority. If the consultation does not meet your expectations, we will refund the cost without any questions.

Services For Each Program


1-to-1 video consultation with our RCIC to answer your questions or give recommendations


You run the process here, we can check your application to ensure it is complete and accurate


Everyone makes mistakes. If you want to change anything on your submitted application, we can help

Full Package

We do the entire process for you inc. documentation, filing the application, and ensuring you get the visa, permit, PR, or passport

Pricing for Full Representation Packages

Visitor Visa
Price for one person without prior refusal. Additional people at a reduced rate.
Super Visa
Price for one person without prior refusal. Additional people at a reduced rate.
Price per person
Visitor Record / Change of Status within Canada
Price per person
Restoration of Status
Price per person
Study Permit
Price per person without prior refusal
PR Card Renewal
Price per person. Additional family members at $200
Adult pricing. Under 18 years of age pricing is $300
Post Graduate Work Permit
Spouse Open Work Permit
Price per person
Spousal PR Sponsorship
Price may vary by $300 either way depending on the complexity of the case
Investment to PR
A range based on complexity
Express Entry
Express Entry profile and full application after invitation. Each step can be priced separately too
PNP Application
PNP profile creation, PNP
application, & PR application. Each step can be priced separately too
Restoration of Status
Visa, work permit & study permit
$600 –
Humanitarian and Compassionate cases starting price
$2950 –
Refugee Cases
The fee mentioned is for the application and IRB hearing. Not eligible under LegalAid
$3000 –
End-to-end process of the LMIA application for employers
$2950 –
LMIA-based Work Permit
Depending on the complexity and level
$1500 –
Bridging open work permit
Judicial Review Application
Application for leave and judicial review

Have Questions? Get in Touch

Please fill out the details in the form. We will get in touch within 2 business days

Based in Toronto, Serving Clients from Every Province

You are welcome to have in-person consultations with us at our downtown Toronto office. Most of our clients prefer video consultations which are more economical and less time-consuming. We serve clients from every province of Canada.

What Our Customers Say

I’m incredibly grateful for Looney Tooney’s exceptional service. From my initial contact, I felt in capable hands. Sanchita’s expertise and dedication shone through as she patiently answered my questions and ensured all details were in place. Thanks to their invaluable assistance.​

Ojaswin Singh

I would highly recommend LooneyTooney services for immigration. Sanchita was very patient and knowledgeable while answering all my queries. I was able to get my queries clarified and find the right solutions for the same.

Jyoti Sahni

“Working with Looney Tooney has been wonderful. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and personalized guidance made my PGWP application a breeze. The team addressed my concerns and ensured a stress-free experience.

Afreed Ahamed

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