Express Entry Rolls Red Carpet for STEM Workers in Canada

Canadian express entry draw for STEM Workers

In a recent development under the Express Entry system, the Canadian government has issued Ministerial Instructions for the 254th round of invitations on July 5 to apply for permanent residence. 500 applicants who qualified for category-based selection in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) profession were invited to the Express Entry draw no. 254 with a CRS (comprehensive ranking system) score of 486.

First STEM Category-Specific Draw

The draw held on July 5 marked the debut of STEM occupations-specific draws. ​​Consequently, all applicants for this draw were chosen from a limited number of NOC (national occupation classification) codes within the Express Entry pool that are associated with STEM jobs.

The Express Entry draw announced on July 4 invited 700 applicants from all programs to the all-program draw with no category limits. This indicates that any Express Entry profiles having a CRS score of 511 or above (yesterday’s cut-off score) may be eligible. 

The government will be able to target those with the talents and jobs that are most in demand in Canada through category-specific draws. Additionally, because the required CRS score is lower than the minimum CRS score for the all-program, it will be helpful for immigrants who fall into these particular categories. For instance, in the All-program Express Entry draw on July 4, the minimum CRS score was 25 points higher than the STEM-specific draw announced on July 5. 

Which STEM jobs are eligible for this draw?

OccupationNOC Code
Architects 21200
Managers of architecture and science20011
Experts in business systems21221
Managers of computer and data systems20012
Civil engineers21300

How will the subsequent Express Entry Draws Look?

In addition to category-based draws, Express Entry will conduct the following types of draws throughout the year. The government may conduct the following types of draw:

Program-specific rounds of invitations:

The most qualified applicants for a particular Express Entry program are invited to participate in program-specific rounds. For instance, the IRCC frequently holds draws just for the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP), where only qualified candidates are invited

For anyone who wants to immigrate to a particular Canadian province or territory, the provincial nominee programs (PNPs) offer an opportunity for permanent residency in Canada. Every province and territory in Canada has its PNP tailored to its own economic and demographic requirements.

Invitations for General Express Entry draw:

The top applicants in the Express Entry pool who are qualified for one of the three Express Entry Programmes are invited to the general round of invitations. The three programs are the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), the Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP), and the Federal Skilled Worker Programme (FSWP).

The Express Entry system continues to play a crucial role in Canada’s immigration strategy, allowing the country to attract talented individuals who can support economic growth and foster innovation. The latest draw, with its inclusive approach, signifies a progressive step toward welcoming skilled immigrants from various fields and programs.

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