Visit, work, or live in Canada

Visa and Immigration Information for Canada

You can come to Canada as a visitor, worker, student or as an immigrant. We provide information on all different ways to come to Canada with our detailed guides.

If you are in Canada and want to change your status, our guides are for you too.

Please select what is applicable to your situation.

Guides on various immigration programs to Canada


Become a permanent resident (PR) of Canada through programs like express entry and PNP.

Guides on various visa programs for Canada


Visit Canada as a tourist, a business person or to spend leisure time with your family and friends.

Guides on study permit process for study in Canada


Study in this amazing country at one of its premier colleges or universities in short or long-term programs.

Guide on how to work in Canada coming from another country


Work in Canada through company sponsorship, as a digital nomad, or various other programs.

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