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LooneyTooney’s services have expanded to include Immigration Consultation, which caters to both newcomers settling into life in Canada and dreamers considering making the journey to Canada. With our expertise, we enhance your approval prospects and open doors to a world of opportunities in Canada.

“For immigrants, By immigrants”

Ashish Bhatia

Founder, LooneyTooney

Pricing & Services




  • 1-1 Consultation
  • Application Review & Filing
  • Documentation Assistance
  • Plus Restoration & Extension




  • 1-1 Consultation
  • Application Review & Filing
  • Customized Documentation
  • Priority Support
  • Restoration & Extension Too




  • $249* for Additional Parent
  • Catering to all types of status
  • 1-1 Consultation
  • Application Review & Filing
  • Documentation Assistance & Curation




  • All types of status handled (Refusal & Non-refusals)
  • 1-1 Consultation
  • Application Review & Filing
  • All Options / Eligibility Check
  • Plus Restoration & Extension

Why Choose LooneyTooney?

Personalized Pathways

Unlike one-size-fits-all approaches, we believe in customizing immigration plans for each individual. Your path should be as unique as your dreams

Certified RCICs

Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) are not only certified but also skilled and up-to-date on the latest and most recent immigration trends and rules.

Global Experience

We understand that your journey to Canada might start anywhere in the world. Because of our global experience and network, we can cater to clients from various backgrounds and areas, making your shift easier regardless of your current position.

Diverse Options

With a wide range of immigration programs accessible, we understand the complexity and assist you in navigating various options, whether it’s for a new job, an educational opportunity, or a family reunion.

What People Say About Us

jyoti sahni

“I would highly recommend LooneyTooney services for immigration. Sanchita was very patient and knowledgeable while answering all my queries. I was able to get my queries clarified and find the right solutions for the same”

“I’m incredibly grateful for Looney Tooney’s exceptional service. From my initial contact, I felt in capable hands. Sanchita’s expertise and dedication shone through as she patiently answered my questions and ensured all details were in place. Thanks to their invaluable assistance, my doubts were cleared”​

Ojaswin singh

“Working with Looney Tooney has been a game-changer. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and personalized guidance made my Post Graduate work permit application a breeze. The team addressed my concerns and ensured a stress-free experience. Thanks to them, I’m ready to start my new chapter in Canada with confidence”​

Afreed Ahamed

“I’m thrilled to share my positive study permit extension experience, all thanks to Looney Tooney. Their efficient, supportive approach made the journey seamless. Their responsive, knowledgeable team guided me through each step, ensuring I had the required documents and met deadlines effortlessly.”​

muskaan sharma​

Our Experts (RCICs)

Sanchita Chugh

With over 5+ years of experience, Sanchita possesses a keen understanding of the ever-evolving Canadian Immigration laws and policies

Harmeet Kaur

With over 7+ years of experience, Harmeet actively engages with organisations like CAPIC, CICC & more to serve clients more efficiently

20Mins General Consultation


Consultation with RCIC
1-1 video consultation​
Brief overview and answers to specific questions
Suitable for simpler cases
More budget-friendly option
Basic insight into the immigration process and documentation
40Mins General Consultation


Consultation with RCIC
1-1 video consultation​
Offers a more in-depth discussion
Covers multiple aspects of the immigration process
Suitable for cases with moderate complexity
Detailed insights into the immigration process and required documentation
60Mins General Consultation


Consultation with RCIC
1-1 video consultation​
Comprehensive review of immigration case
A thorough exploration of eligibility, documentation, and strategy
Ideal for scenarios with many complicated details
Offers ample room for comprehensive follow-up

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