Afroz Mirza

“Building a network is essential in Canada, it led me to a job as a private investigator.”- Afroz Mirza, Private Investigator, AFIMAC 

In “Between the Worlds,” Afroz Mirza’s journey from student to Private Investigator at Sword Security Group in Canada unfolds. His story encapsulates the test of patience during the visa application process, the challenges of online learning, the transformative power of networking that led to unforeseen opportunities, and the ultimate achievement through hard work and blessings. Afroz’s path serves as an inspiring testament to the resilience and determination needed to pursue one’s dreams, bridging the worlds of aspiration and realization.

“Sanctions imposed on Russia led to the cancellation of my IELTS exam, it was truly a challenging time for me”- Elvin, Student, Canada

“In 2022, visa delays and canceled exams made my immigration process frustrating. But I hung onto my dream, and when I almost gave up, I got an approval.”

“Living abroad alone is tough, but it’s made me more responsible and resilient.”

“My plan is to study big data analytics, get PR, and eventually citizenship. I dream of traveling the world.”

Niloofar in Canada

“Leaving Iran was a decision we had to make, but leaving an established life for Canada wasn’t easy.”- Niloofar Moazzezi Eshtehard Maleki, Student, York University

Journey of Courage: From Iran to Canada” – In our exclusive interview series, we uncover the inspiring tale of a determined mother and student who ventured beyond borders, leaving her homeland of Iran to secure a brighter future for her child and to pursue her passion for digital marketing. Making such a decision isn’t easy; it means bidding farewell to the life you knew, including routines, friends, family, and familiar surroundings. Starting anew in a foreign land demands immense courage, as it requires embracing new customs and forging connections with unfamiliar faces. Despite the challenges, Niloofar’s journey stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the pursuit of dreams beyond boundaries.

Syed Rayhan Kawsar

“With 10 years of experience back home, finding a job seemed easy. Reality was different.”- Syed Rayhan Kawsar

Meet Syed Rayhan Kawsar, an intrepid student and musician who dared to trade his homeland for Canada’s promise. With a decade of experience in digital marketing and music from Bangladesh, Rayhan’s decision to explore new horizons in Canada reflects the allure of growth and the excitement of uncharted territory. Amid challenges and triumphs, he’s a testament to the power of embracing the unknown for a chance at new beginnings.⁣

A story of an immigrant student from India who came to chase his dream course at University of Toronto, Canada.

“I left India to chase my dream course at the University of Toronto.”- Devavrat Jayant, Student, University of Toronto

Embarking on a journey to the University of Toronto, Devavrat Jayant’s story resonates as a beacon of audacity and ambition. Venturing from India to chase his dream course, he highlights the essence of aligning education with aspirations. Amid Canada’s student-friendly environment and diverse culture, Devavrat’s experiences underscore the significance of research and preparation. His insights serve as a guidepost for those seeking to navigate challenges and emerge stronger on their own Canadian journey.

Drake holding his degree

“I did cash jobs because my 2 million loan kept me up at night”

The journey to Canada, undertaken by the individual we’ll refer to as Drake for privacy, epitomizes the fusion of aspirations and dedication that characterizes many immigrants. From a student embarking on his academic voyage to a distinguished Area Supervisor in a prominent organization, Drake’s expedition illustrates the triumphant narrative of hard work and resolve.

Migration encapsulates diverse stories, each a chapter of courage and hope. People leave their homes, driven by dreams that illuminate their path. For some, the allure lies in exploration and the merging of cultures; for others, it’s the pursuit of autonomy and personal growth. Yet, perhaps the most profound motivation is the desire to provide a better life for their families, transforming their journey into a beacon of inspiration.

Ojaswin Singh interview with Looney Tooney- "Betwwn the worlds'

“From 1 pm to midnight, I kept sending resumes everywhere I could, hoping to find a part-time job.”- Ojaswin Singh, Student, Canada

In our special interview series, “Between the Worlds,” we delve into the incredible journeys of immigrants who have crossed borders, cultures, and dreams. Meet Ojaswin Singh, a student in Canada, whose captivating story unfolds with courage and determination. From leaving the comfort of his home in India to embracing the challenges and joys of studying abroad, Ojaswin’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of stepping outside one’s comfort zone. Join us as we explore the highs and lows, the struggles and triumphs, and the meaningful friendships that have shaped Ojaswin’s path in this distant land. Discover the invaluable insights he shares for those about to embark on their own immigration journey, and gain a glimpse into his aspirations for the future in this beautiful country.

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