“I did cash jobs because my 2 million loan kept me up at night”

Drake holding his degree

For our second interview, we have a remarkable individual who arrived as a student but eventually ascended to the role of a supervisor in a prestigious organization. We won’t be revealing his name for privacy reasons, but he likes to call himself Drake.

Chasing big dreams and desperation to leave home 

Every migration has a unique story. People embark on journeys, leaving their homes behind, with dreams in their eyes. Each of them carries a personal narrative that propels them to venture into the unknown. For some, the attraction lies in exploring a new land, embracing diverse cultures, and enriching their own experiences. Others wish to stand on their own feet, seeking opportunities for personal growth and independence. 

Then, there are those who undertake this difficult path to support their families, to provide a better life for their families back home. Regardless of the purpose that drives them, every immigrant’s story is  filled with courage, determination, and hope for a brighter future.

I ask him about his story of migration and the reason behind his decision to choose Canada. 

“I always wanted to go abroad. And coming from a middle class family, it was my dream, to do something big, support my family. Like everyone, I am here for citizenship and I think living in a first world country is itself a big thing. And I think Canada has a lot of opportunities considering their population density and everything. In the upcoming 10 years, if you’re ambitious about starting your own business, you can do really well. So that was one of the main reasons why I chose Canada.”

Canada’s status as a first-world country extends far beyond its economic prosperity. For immigrants, it represents a welcoming haven that offers an array of opportunities and support. 

From well-structured immigration programs to settlement opportunities, Canada stands as a beacon of inclusivity. Its commitment to multiculturalism and social benefits further reinforces the country’s dedication to helping immigrants thrive and integrate seamlessly into society. Canada showcases its genuine desire to foster a diverse and prosperous nation, where immigrants can chase their dreams .

The question at hand is: It is easy to dream, but is taking the first step towards achieving those dreams equally easy?

Dreaming comes naturally to us; we envision a world of endless possibilities. However, the true challenge lies in transforming those dreams into reality. Taking that initial step towards achieving our dreams can be tough and filled with uncertainties. It demands courage, determination, and a willingness to face obstacles. But it is precisely this first step that sets us on a path of growth and fulfillment. 

“Taking the first step requires a lot of grit and determination. You can dream big but do we all have the guts to work towards our dreams and that too in a new country with no support. Finding a job is so difficult here and when I came here people used to tell me that no matter what you have done in your home country doesn’t really matter. You have to start from scratch. But I partially disagree with this.”

“I came to Canada, pursued supply chain management and looking at the upcoming next 10 years, I think warehousing and logistics has a lot of opportunities here. So proper research about your course and its worth is really important. That’s what I did. In India, right after my graduation, I started working for an organization as an operation executive. I worked there for one year. I handled all their operations in the supply chain. That was my big first step towards my career. Then, I thought of putting in global exposure to my CV.”

Drake giving a pose

Does Work Experience Help in an Unknown Nation to Start Your Life?

“I would say my previous experience helped me a lot in not only getting a good position in the company I am currently working in but also in learning things at work quickly. My advice to students coming here would be to gain some experience in your home country. It might help you in cracking interviews here.”

Having prior work experience provides a solid foundation, making it easier to navigate the job market and secure employment opportunities. It demonstrates valuable skills, expertise, and adaptability, making immigrants more appealing to potential employers. Moreover, work experience instills confidence and familiarity in a new work environment, fostering a smoother integration into the society.

Then, I ask him about his immigration process

“I hired a consultant, so it was a hassle free process for me. I  applied for the student visa in the post COVID situation and all the backlogs of COVID students were there. So I had to wait a lot for that.”

“And it was one of the most frustrating waiting times. For documents, you need to show your finances because you need to prove to the government of Canada like you’re well off. Other than that, I took a loan to fund my studies, so it took me almost five months to process that. This process just needs patience.” 

From Night Shifts to Area Supervisor: A Journey of Growth and Success

I ask him about the biggest challenge he faced coming to Canada. 

“Definitely, searching for a part time job. I came here during the post covid time, so there were no jobs in the market. I was getting restless, so I talked to an agency who got me a cash job. I did that for two months, it was a welding job. I never thought I would have to do something like this. But A constant fear lingered in my mind, whenever I went out for work. 

Side by side, I started searching for a SIN job. I used to sit for two three hours on LinkedIn and Indeed to apply for jobs. After some struggle I got a night job at a store, I happily took it as I didn’t want to do a cash job anymore.”

There was desperation, for what?

“I had to earn money for my second course because I had already taken a loan of almost 20 lakhs for my first course. The pressure was on to gather around 7 to 8 lakhs for my second course, and I also needed to fund my brother’s plan to come to Canada. It was a challenging but determined journey.”

Drake at his welding job

He did night shifts as an associate for a year, and later on he became the supervisor with 40 associates under him. 

One and a half years ago, he embarked on a remarkable journey in this unknown land. Starting from welding jobs and enduring night shifts, he defied the odds to rise as an Area Supervisor in a renowned organization. His story is truly nothing but awe-inspiring. 

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