“I left India to chase my dream course at the University of Toronto.”- Devavrat Jayant, Student, University of Toronto

A story of an immigrant student from India who came to chase his dream course at University of Toronto, Canada.

“Between the Worlds,” our special interview series unveils yet another incredible journey of a student who chased his dreams of studying at The University of Toronto. He left his comfort back home and crossed borders to pursue his dream course of history, economics and philosophy; crafting a promising future along the way.

Chasing audacious dreams 

Many students, especially those considering studying in Canada, are attracted by its welcoming atmosphere for education. What attracts them is the student-friendly nature of Canada’s academic institutions. This appeal extends to the substantial degree of independence they grant students in managing their finances. Additionally, the enticing job opportunities open to students.

However, amid these compelling facets, it’s important to reflect on the core purpose of their journey– to study their chosen subjects and eventually find jobs in those fields. 

The essence of their presence in Canada lies in the exploration of their academic interests. It’s the gaining of knowledge, the honing of skills, and the cultivation of expertise that will ultimately pave the way for their future careers. 

Why did Devavrat choose to come to Canada.

“I initially planned to stay in India, but I just thought that that curriculum wasn’t for me. I always wanted to study history, economics and philosophy together, but that flexibility wasn’t there in India. So, when I did my research, I found the perfect place was University of Toronto. 

I got into some universities in the UK, but again, those courses were very focused on one subject, such as management or economics. And considering I wanted to do a varied major, I just thought that it was best being offered by UofT. I’ve been pretty happy with my decision.”

His advice to students coming here.

“I spent a good month after high school, just figuring out what I actually want to do. And I had a lot of changes of mind. I did a year of my bachelors in India in economics. And after that I started doing research which just changed my mind and I flipped and now I am at UofT pursuing my bachelors.”

“I would say that doing research is really important before coming here and before choosing the course that you want to do. Because ultimately the main purpose of your university experience is your education.”

It’s a luxury meeting all sorts of people here…

Exploring Canada’s diverse cultures is like taking a fascinating trip around the world, all without leaving the country. Canada welcomes people from different parts of the world and celebrates their unique traditions. This mix of cultures shows up in the delicious foods you can try and the exciting festivals you can enjoy. Canada believes in including and enjoying these different ways of life, making it a really people friendly place to be. 

I ask Devavrat about his thoughts on cultural diversity.

“Canada, especially Toronto, is a very diverse place. I’ve had the privilege and luxury of meeting all sorts of people from across the world. Talking to new people, making friends, and experiencing international connections – these things give you exposure that can be valuable in many aspects of life. It’s a wonderful asset to have, no matter where you go.”

Getting to know people from different parts of the world and making friends with them can really change how you think and who you are. When you talk to them, you learn about their ideas and how they live. This can help you become more understanding and open to new things. It can make you grow as a person and see the world in a bigger way. It’s like making a colorful and diverse quilt of friendships that shapes who you are.

Before embarking on your journey…

Devavrat’s advice to students starting their journeys.

“I would definitely advise you to spend as much time as possible in research. You don’t want to leave any scope for any surprises, and especially because I had to go through them because of COVID. Although those were exceptional circumstances, it’s always better to be prepared. And in that respect, I would also say just keep an open mind and just be prepared for anything to go wrong, because you just never know.”

When it comes to waiting for the immigration process, remember that patience is your greatest asset. Just as a gardener tends to seeds that gradually transform into vibrant plants, your journey through paperwork and approvals will take time to bear its fruit. While waiting might feel challenging, every step forward is a step closer to achieving your dreams. 

Moving on, we talk about his proud moments.

“For the first time, I’ve learned how to manage my own finances, navigated new terrains with confidence, and embraced the liberating independence of thriving on my own. Plus, my studies here have helped me develop a strong work ethic, making me feel even more capable and independent.”

Moving to a new country all by yourself brings big changes and with that comes challenges. You learn skills you never thought you could, like managing money and making things work with fewer resources. The best part is, these experiences make you stronger. Challenges become chances to grow, and uncertainties show you how adaptable you are. Through it all, you discover a strong side of yourself you didn’t know existed. This journey might be hard, but it helps you find new abilities and gives you a lot of confidence. In the end, going through this adventure on your own  makes you a tougher and more capable person, ready to handle whatever comes your way.

The journey is definitely full of challenges. But, the beauty lies in emerging from these experiences as a stronger individual.

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