Alberta PNP Latest Draws 2024: Check Details here

Alberta PNP latest draw

The province of Alberta administers the Alberta immigrant nominee program. Applicants with relevant academic and work experience can apply for an Alberta provincial nomination certificate or Alberta PNP.

If you plan on applying under the Alberta PNP, there are eight options to choose from:

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream.
  • Alberta Express Entry Stream. 
  • Tourism and Hospitality Stream
  • Rural Renewal Stream.
  • Farm Stream. 
  • Graduate Entrepreneur Stream.
  • Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream. 
  • Rural Entrepreneur Stream.

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Latest Alberta PNP Draw Details

On May 1, 2024, Alberta’s Provincial Nominee Program issued 40 NOI letters through its latest draw. The lowest CRS score among recipients was 305.

Date of drawNumber of Notification of Interest letters sentDraw parametersComprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of lowest ranked candidate who received a Notification of Interest letter
May 1, 2024
40Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with Alberta job offer, CRS score 300 and above305

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Alberta PNP Previous Draws

Get the details of previous Alberta draws below.

Alberta PNP Draws in 2024

Here are the full details of the draws conducted in 2024 so far by the province of Alberta.

Date of DrawNumber of Notification of Interest (NOI) Letters sentCRS score of a lowest-ranked candidate who received an NOI letter
April 17, 202449305
April 2, 202449302
March 19, 202441304
March 5, 202434303
February 20, 202433311
February 6, 202444302
February 1, 202480382
January 30, 202422312
January 16, 202422312
January 11, 202444312
January 2, 202442309

Alberta PNP Draws in 2023

Here are the full details of the draws conducted in 2023 by the province of Alberta.

Date of DrawNumber of Notification of Interest (NOI) Letters sentCRS score of a lowest-ranked candidate who received an NOI letter
December 5, 202319301
November 21, 202311345
November 9, 202316305
October 26, 2023100369
October 24, 202322326
October 24, 2023110300
October 10, 202313327
October 5, 2023150323
October 3, 202333313
September 26, 202318311
September 14, 2023142301
September 12, 202316327
September 12, 2023300383
August 29, 202318300
August 24, 2023168302
August 22, 202389303
August 16, 2023300408
August 15, 202314326
August 3, 2023201315
August 1, 202332322
August 1, 202311317
July 18, 202314311
July 13, 2023142302
July 11, 2023150435
July 4, 202312354
June 29, 202365316
June 22, 2023125306
June 21, 202319318
June 20, 202368301
June 8, 2023150382
June 1, 2023117304
May 30, 202320342
May 23, 20235401
May 11, 2023119311
May 9, 2023175444
May 9, 20238307
April 25, 20238316
April 24, 2023124301
April 20, 2023152302
April 18, 202368307
April 05, 202353351
March 30, 2023150372
March 09, 2023134301
February 16, 2023100357
January 23, 2023154385
January 19, 202346324

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The latest Alberta PNP draw reflects the province’s continued focus on attracting skilled professionals. As economic needs evolve, we can expect future draws to target specific professions and adjust score requirements. Stay informed and be ready to showcase your qualifications when the opportunity arises.

Latest Alberta PNP Draw FAQs

1. Who is eligible for the Alberta PNP?
A. Eligibility might vary with streams. Some general requirements include: skilled work experience in your field, proof of language proficiency in English, education requirements vary depending on the stream and more.

2. How do I apply for Alberta PNP?
A. The application process varies depending on the stream you choose. Generally, you will need to create an online profile, submit required documents, and pay application fees. You may also need to attend an interview if selected.

3. What are the different streams of the Alberta PNP?
A. Some Alberta PNP streams are as follows,
i. Alberta Express Entry Stream: For skilled workers already in the Express Entry pool.
ii. Occupation-in-Demand Stream: For workers in occupations facing labour shortages in Alberta.
iii. Alberta Opportunity Stream: For graduates of Alberta post-secondary institutions.
iv. Rural Renewal Stream: For workers willing to live and work in rural Alberta communities.

4. How long does it take to get nominated for Alberta PNP?
A. Processing times can vary depending on the stream and individual circumstances. Typically, expect it to take several weeks to months.

5. When was the latest Alberta PNP conducted?
The latest Alberta PNP draw occurred on May 1, 2024. A total of 40 Notification of Interest (NOI) Letters were sent out. The lowest-ranked candidate who received an NOI letter had a CRS score of 305.

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