The OINP Express Entry Draw sent invitations to 748 Candidates


On July 6, the Human Capital Priorities (HCP) stream of the Ontario Express Entry draw through the OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Programme) immediately invited 748 applicants who submitted provincial nominations.

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score is increased by 600 points after provincial nomination, making it easier to get an ITA in the upcoming Express Entry draw. Candidates only get notified if they possess the following national occupational codes (NOC) and a comprehensive ranking system (CRS) score of 479 to 485:

  • NOC 20012 – Managers of computer and information systems
  • NOC 21211 – Data Scientists
  • NOC 21223 – Database administrators and analysts
  • NOC 21230 – Designers of computer systems and 
  • NOC 21231 – Software developers and designers 
  • NOC 21232 – Software engineers and programmers
  • NOC 21233 – Web designers 
  • NOC 21234 – Web designers and programmers 
  • NOC 21311 – Computer engineers, excluding software designers and engineers 

If you get a notification of interest on July 6, 2023, you can apply to this stream.

How to apply for the Human Capital Priorities stream?

  1. To see if you meet the criteria, visit Ontario’s Express Entry Human Capital Priorities stream website.
  2. To make sure you have the required documents, see the required checklist.
  3. As a new or returning user, log in to the OINP e-Filing Portal and proceed as instructed.

What is OINP?

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Programme (OINP) is a program that examines the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Express Entry pool to identify individuals who meet the parameters of one of Ontario’s Express Entry immigration streams,

If the OINP identifies you in the pool, you will get a notification of interest in your Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada online account. However, you should be aware that you are not automatically eligible for one of our streams just because you received a notification of interest.

If you are eligible for the Ontario Express Entry stream and receive a notification of interest, you should submit an online application to the OINP after receiving the notification. You can submit your application, within 45 days of getting a notification of interest.

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