Canada Building Bridges With Ukraine to Unite Families through CUAET Scheme

CUAET Scheme

Canada has consistently emphasized the importance of family reunification and has developed various immigration pathways to facilitate this process. The government of Canada has introduced special programs such as CUAET (The Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel) Scheme to unite citizens from different countries with their families in Canada, provided that at least one family member is a resident in the country.

In response to the Ukraine crisis, Canada has implemented a range of immigration policies and programs to assist Ukrainians in reuniting with their families. The Canadian government is now introducing support for individuals who wish to come to Canada and establish a life with their families. CUAET is one such scheme introduced by the Canadian government for the benefit of the people from Ukraine. 

The CUAET scheme permission is valid from October 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024. The deadline for submitting an application for one of these visas was July 15, 2023. But Ukrainians and their family members can apply for a temporary resident visa under existing immigration measures. These measures also grant the Ukrainians to work and study while in Canada.


The Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) is a scheme by the Canadian Government that establishes measures, which enable Ukrainians and their family members to quickly travel to Canada. The main goal of this program was to provide temporary refuge to many Ukrainians.

The CUAET also offers those in Canada the opportunity to extend their visitor status, work permit, or study permit, allowing them to continue residing, working, or studying in Canada on a temporary basis. This visa permits a three-year stay in Canada with a free visitor visa and an open work permit. 

To assist those affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the government has established The Canadian government is actively collaborating with provincial, territorial, and municipal partners, as well as the Ukrainian-Canadian community, to extend a warm welcome to Ukrainians.

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