PEI PNP Intermediate Experience Stream: Get Details Here

PEI PNP Intermediate Experience Stream

The PEI Intermediate Experience Stream within the PEI PNP offers skilled workers with intermediate-level experience a pathway to secure Canadian permanent residency. For individuals with practical expertise in specific fields, this stream provides a platform to establish themselves in PEI. 

As a crucial component of PEI’s immigration, the Intermediate Experience Stream aligns with the province’s commitment to attracting and retaining talent crucial for the province’s growth. Let’s delve into the details of this stream to understand its eligibility criteria and selection factors comprehensively.

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PEI PNP Intermediate Experience Stream Eligibility Criteria 

The PEI Intermediate Experience Stream provides a pathway for skilled workers with intermediate-level qualifications who have a long-term, full-time job offer from a Prince Edward Island employer. To be eligible for the PEI PNP Intermediate Experience Stream, you must meet the following criteria:

Employment Requirements:

  • Have a permanent, non-seasonal, full-time job offer from a PEI employer in an intermediate-skilled position classified as Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibility (TEER) category 4.
  • Have a minimum of 6 months of full-time Canadian work experience, obtained through a LMIA. It should be relevant to the offered PEI position.

Education and Experience:

  • Have completed a minimum of a secondary school diploma (high school education).
  • Age should not be less than 18 or more than 59 years.
  • Demonstrate at least 2 years of full-time relevant work experience or education within the past 5 years.

Language Ability:

  • Provide a valid language test result from an IRCC-approved institution, with a minimum score of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) / Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens (NCLC) 4. Results must be within 2 years of the test date.

Legal and Financial Requirements:

  • Maintain legal status in your current country of residence.
  • Have sufficient funds to cover immigration costs and travel expenses for you and your family to settle in PEI.
  • Demonstrate a genuine intention to permanently reside in Prince Edward Island.

By meeting these requirements under the Intermediate Experience Stream, skilled workers can seek provincial nomination from PEI to pursue permanent residency in Canada.

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PEI PNP Intermediate Experience Stream Labour Points Grid

The Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program’s Intermediate Experience Stream utilizes a labour points grid system to assess and score eligible candidates based on specific factors related to their ability to economically establish and integrate into the province’s labour force and communities. 

Factors Points 
Work Experience20
Maximum Points100


Age reflects the potential of applicants to contribute to Prince Edward Island’s workforce and community. This factor assigns points based on age categories to ensure a fair evaluation process. 

Over 490
Maximum Points15


By recognizing the significance of higher education in innovation and skill development, the education factor underscores the stream’s commitment to attracting skilled professionals.

Master’s or PhD15
Bachelor’s degree of minimum three years 15
Post‐secondary diploma of minimum one year 15
Secondary school graduate15
Maximum Points15

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Language proficiency in the PEI PNP Intermediate Experience Stream Labour Points Grid highlights candidates’ ability to communicate effectively in the Canadian workplace and community. This factor assesses applicants’ proficiency in English or French, assigning points based on language test results.

Language Ability (CLB/NCLC)Points
9 or 1020
Maximum Points20

Work experience

The work experience factor evaluates candidates’ previous work experience, assigning points based on the duration and relevance of their professional background. 

Work ExperiencePoints
More than 6 years20
4-6 years15
2-4 years10
Up to 2 years0
Maximum Points20


Employment factor evaluates candidates’ job offers or employment prospects in Prince Edward Island, assigning points based on factors such as job permanence and relevance to their field of experience. 

Have a permanent position in the province with a valid work permit5
Foreign qualification verified with PEI regulated body apart from ECA5
Minimum of 1 year of continuous full‐time work experience in the province5
Job offer in PEI related to experience5
Previous work experience gained from an LMIA5
Maximum Points15


The adaptability factor prioritizes individuals with strong adaptability skills which ensures that successful candidates can integrate into Prince Edward Island.

Have one or more immediate family members residing in PEI continuously for a minimum of 12 months.They must hold either permanent residency or Canadian citizenship5
Either spouse or common‐law partner or dependent child has CLB/NCLC 65
Graduated from a recognized PEI post‐secondary institution5
Either spouse or common‐law partner has a minimum of 3 years of work experience in the last 5 years5
Maximum Points15

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The Intermediate Experience Stream of Prince Edward Island addresses labour gaps by attracting intermediate-skilled foreign workers aligned with provincial needs. PEI can nominate candidates for effective workforce integration and long-term retention through a comprehensive points system. Once selected, candidates receive a provincial nomination and can then apply for permanent residence while awaiting the PEI PNP draws.

Ultimately, this PNP stream enables PEI to nominate qualified immigrants with the right skills and interest in establishing permanent residency.

FAQs for the PEI PNP Intermediate Experience Stream

Q. What types of jobs are considered intermediate-skilled under the Intermediate Experience stream?
Intermediate-skilled occupations that fall under the Training, Education, Experience and Responsibility (TEER) category 4 are eligible. 

Q. How recent does my 6 months of Canadian work experience need to be for the Intermediate Experience Stream?
There is no specific recency requirement, as long as the 6+ months of full-time work was obtained through an LMIA-based work permit and is relevant to the job you’ve been offered in PEI.

Q. What language scores are acceptable for the Intermediate Experience stream?
You must provide valid language test results showing at least Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB/NCLC) level 4 in English or French from an approved testing agency. Higher scores earn more points.

Q. Can my spouse’s skills/background increase my points for the Intermediate Experience stream’s adaptability factor?  
Yes, points under adaptability can be earned if your spouse meets certain criteria like higher language scores, recent skilled work experience, or if they studied/worked previously in PEI.

Q. Is there a minimum income requirement for the job offer I need for the Intermediate Experience?
There is no officially stated minimum income threshold, but the wage associated with your permanent, full-time job offer will be evaluated to ensure it is a skilled position with reasonable compensation.

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