British Columbia PNP Draw: Opens Avenue for Skilled Immigrants

British Columbia PNP Draw

On July 11, the most recent BC PNP draw gave more than 202 invitations to apply for permanent residency (PR) in both general and targeted draws.

In a general draw, 152 invites have been issued (including 35 for tech jobs) under all of the Express Entry and BC PNP Skills Immigration streams. Furthermore, 35 invites were issued to profiles of Early Childhood Educators and their support staff (NOC 42202).

Additionally, fewer than 5 invitations for veterinarians (31103) and animal health technologists (32104), and 15 invitations are specifically aimed at profiles in healthcare-related occupations.

BC PNP Draw Summary

StreamCut Off Score
Skills Immigration International Graduates109
Skills Immigration Skilled Workers106
Entry Level & Semi-Skilled Skills Immigration87
Express Entry British Columbia (EEBC) – International Graduates109
Express Entry British Columbia (EEBC) Skilled Workers 106

Targeted Draws for July 11

Number of  InvitationsMinimum ScoreDescription
3560Targeted draw for Childcare: Early childhood educators and assistants (NOC 42202)
1560The targeted draw for Healthcare occupations
<560The targeted draw for Animal health technologists (32104) and Veterinarians (31103).

Next British Columbia PNP Draw

The next BC PNP draw is scheduled for July 18, 2023. It is expected to target BC PNP profiles for tech jobs, healthcare occupations, early childhood educators, and other priority occupations (NOCs 31103 and 32104).

Every week on Tuesdays, the BC PNP drawings alternate between public draws and tech-only draws.

What is British Columbia PNP Program?

The British Columbia PNP Draw ensures that the province can choose and nominate foreign employees, students, and entrepreneurs through this program to promote government initiatives, fill labor market gaps, and expand the province’s economy. You and your family can apply to IRCC to become permanent residents of Canada if you are nominated.

If you are looking to move to British Columbia, the following British Columbia PNP (BC PNP) streams are available:

  • Skills Immigration Stream
  • Express Entry British Columbia Stream
  • Entrepreneur Immigration

The Skills Immigration stream

The stream includes entry-level and semi-skilled employees in addition to medical professionals, overseas graduates, and post-graduates. Except for international post-graduates, all applicants must have a job offer or a job that they are already holding.

Application processing costs are $1,150. The cost of a review request would be an extra $500 CAD.

Processing time: 2 to 3 months

Express Entry British Columbia Stream

In line with the federal government’s Express Entry immigration selection program, Express Entry BC gives qualified candidates priority in handling their BC PNP application and, if nominated, their application for permanent residence. Only skilled employees, professionals in healthcare, graduates from abroad, and postgraduates are eligible for the British Columbia Express Entry Stream.

Through Express Entry British Columbia, the following immigration categories for skilled workers may be processed:

  • Skilled Worker Category
  • Health Care Professional Category
  • International Graduate Category
  • International Post-Graduate Category

Application Fee: CAD $1,150; Processing time: 2-3 months

Entrepreneur Immigration

If you wish to move to British Columbia as an entrepreneur, consider looking for the following three pathways:

Base Category for Entrepreneur Immigration 

Senior executives or business owners who want to invest money in a prospective company in British Columbia 

Entrepreneur Immigration Fees:

  • Registration: $300
  • Application: $3,500
  • Request for Review:  $500

Regional Pilot for Entrepreneur Immigration 

For international business owners hoping to launch a new venture in a small British Columbian community.

Strategic Projects Category 

Allows foreign-owned businesses to establish operations in British Columbia. 

Strategic Projects Fees:

  • Registration: $300
  • Application: $3,500
  • Key Staff: $1,000 (each key staff )

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