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Latest Manitoba PNP Draws

Established in 1998 as Canada’s pioneer Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) has played a pivotal role in shaping the province’s economic landscape. Tailored to Manitoba’s specific needs in terms of demographics, labour market, and economic growth, the MPNP has successfully attracted skilled immigrants, enriching the community and contributing to its vibrant economy.

Whether you are a skilled professional, an enterprising entrepreneur, or a student aiming to build your future in Canada, the MPNP offers a diverse range of options to suit your goals. Here are the distinct streams you can explore:

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Latest MPNP Draw

Manitoba’s Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) conducted an Expression of Interest (EOI) Draw #222, on June 25, 2024. Here are the draw details:

StreamLetters of Advice to Apply IssuedLowest Ranking ScoreCriteria
Skilled Worker Overseas- Occupation-specific selection250516Eligible Skilled Worker Overseas profiles declaring a nursing occupation as their current occupation were invited in this draw.

Out of the 250 Letters of Advice to Apply issued in this draw, 93 were given to candidates who declared a valid Express Entry profile number and job seeker validation code.

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Previous MPNP Draws for 2024

Here are the draws conducted by Manitoba PNP in 2024.

DateNumber of InvitationsMinimum CRS PointsCategory
Jun 21, 2024111International Education Stream
52721Skilled Worker Overseas
June 6, 2024135834Skilled Worker in Manitoba
74International Education Stream
45708Skilled Worker Overseas
May 23, 2024121782Skilled Worker in Manitoba
93International Education Stream
39688Skilled Worker Overseas
May 9, 2024242836Skilled Worker in Manitoba
76International Education Stream
35698Skilled Worker Overseas
May 2, 2024488Skilled Worker in Manitoba
427International Education Stream
26796Skilled Worker Overseas
April 24, 2024203811Skilled Worker in Manitoba
66International Education Stream
58644Skilled Worker Overseas
May 2, 2024488Skilled Worker in Manitoba- Occupation-specific selection
427International Education Stream
26796Skilled Worker Overseas
April 9, 2024276Skilled Worker in Manitoba
87691Skilled Worker Overseas
March 8, 2024104614Skilled Worker Overseas
February 8, 2024151619Close relative in Manitoba selection
83International Education Stream
48713Skilled Workers Overseas
January 25, 2024156772Completed post-secondary study in Manitoba
78International Education Stream
41713Skilled Workers Overseas
January 11, 2024166823Skilled Workers Manitoba
168607Close relative in Manitoba selection
58International Education Stream
3169Skilled Workers Overseas

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MPNP Draws for 2023

The draws conducted by Manitoba in 2023 are as follows.

DateNumber of invitationsMinimum CRS pointsCategory
December 28, 2023160612Skilled Workers Manitoba
67International Education Stream
27698Skilled Workers Overseas
December 14, 2023160774Skilled Workers Manitoba
62International Education Stream
61714Skilled Workers Overseas
November 30, 2023148609Skilled Workers Manitoba
82International Education Stream
38720Skilled Workers Overseas
November 16, 202392809Skilled Workers Manitoba
61International Education Stream
48721Skilled Workers Overseas
November 2, 2023204785Skilled Workers Manitoba
131International Education Stream
65708Skilled Workers Overseas
October 05, 2023219610Skilled Workers Manitoba
60International Education Stream
41601Skilled Workers Overseas
September 28, 20231,072605Skilled Worker Overseas
September 21, 2023298612Skilled Workers Manitoba
56International Education Stream
27723Skilled Workers Overseas
September 07, 2023230595Skilled Workers Manitoba
52International Education Stream
40724Skilled Workers Overseas
August 31, 2023288600Skilled Workers Manitoba
August 24, 2023256612Skilled Workers Manitoba
63International Education Stream
54724Skilled Workers Overseas
August 10, 2023249605Skilled Workers Manitoba
47International Education Stream
40708Skilled Workers Overseas
July 27, 2023335614Skilled Workers Manitoba
51International Education Stream
21717Skilled Workers Overseas
July 20, 2023595611Skilled Workers Overseas
July 13, 2023205604Skilled Workers Manitoba
57International Education Stream
41774Skilled Workers Overseas
June 29, 2023315613Skilled Workers Manitoba
62International Education Stream
26717Skilled Workers Overseas
June 15, 2023255602Skilled Workers Manitoba
59International Education Stream
21718Skilled Workers Overseas
June 01, 2023262607Skilled Workers Manitoba
56International Education Stream
31801Skilled Workers Overseas
May 18, 2023287610Skilled Workers Manitoba
21International Education Stream
27721Skilled Workers Overseas
May 04, 2023252606Skilled Workers Manitoba
39International Education Stream
49699Skilled Workers Overseas
April 27, 2023558616Skilled Worker Overseas
April 20, 2023249615Skilled Workers Manitoba
38International Education Stream
26719Skilled Workers Overseas
April 06, 2023225615Skilled Workers Manitoba
61International Education Stream
54708Skilled Workers Overseas
March 23, 2023266612Skilled Workers Manitoba
52International Education Stream
48708Skilled Workers Overseas
March 09, 2023224612Skilled Workers Manitoba
53International Education Stream
43666Skilled Workers Overseas
February 23, 2023207615Skilled Workers Manitoba
51International Education Stream
27721Skilled Workers Overseas
February 09, 2023221720Skilled Workers Manitoba
55International Education Stream
32709Skilled Workers Overseas
January 26, 2023253726Skilled Workers Manitoba
60International Education Stream
23713Skilled Workers Overseas
January 12, 2023260734Skilled Workers Manitoba
42International Education Stream
20713Skilled Workers Overseas

Possible Reasons for Non-Invitation

If your score surpasses that of the lowest-ranked candidate, yet you haven’t received a Letter of Advice to Apply, it could be attributed to the following reasons:

  • You indicated that you have undertaken an approved third-party language test to showcase your proficiency in English or French, but either failed to provide a valid test number in your EOI or your language test has expired.
  • Alternatively, you may have stated that you received an Invitation to Apply to the MPNP through a Strategic Recruitment Initiative but didn’t furnish a valid invitation number.

Please be aware that comprehensive help text is accessible for each question within the EOI, offering in-depth guidance on the required information. If either of these situations applies to your case, you might want to consider updating your EOI with accurate details to enhance your chances of being considered in the next EOI pool draw.

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Considerations for Applicants

Candidates who declared their employment in a regulated occupation and possess full licensing to work in Manitoba were chosen in this draw. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that the MPNP reserves the right to either reject or decline full applications from candidates who aren’t genuinely employed in a regulated occupation or are unable to substantiate that they have completed all requisite licensing procedures for employment in Manitoba. 

Candidates who receive a Letter of Advice to Apply should carefully consider their eligibility and readiness to meet program requirements before proceeding with their applications.

FAQs on Manitoba PNP Draw

Following are some of the frequently asked questions and their answers related to the Manitoba PNP Draw:

Q. When was the last Manitoba PNP draw?
A. The Manitoba PNP draw was held on June 25, 2024.

Q. What is the minimum score needed for Manitoba PNP?
A. To apply for the MPNP, you need at least 60 points, which must include points for a Connection to Manitoba under Factor 5: Adaptability. For example, if you score 60 or more points but have no points for a Connection to Manitoba under Factor 5, you cannot apply.

Q. How long does Manitoba PNP take?
A. Processing times for MPNP applications are currently exceeding 6 months from the date of submission. 

Q. Can I leave Manitoba after PNP?
A. You need to show a genuine intention to reside in the nominating province to gain permanent resident status in Canada. However, after landing, the nominee is not obligated to stay in the province and can freely move elsewhere within Canada. For further information, refer to this article “How to Move to Another Province After PNP?“.

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