OINP In-Demand Skills Stream: Eligibility & More

OINP In-Demand Skills Stream

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) In-Demand Skills Stream is a pathway for skilled workers to immigrate to the Canadian province of Ontario. This stream attracts talented individuals with in-demand skills that supports Ontario’s economic growth and development. The OINP In-Demand Skills Stream offers a fast-track immigration process for eligible applicants, allowing them to obtain permanent residency in Canada more quickly than through some other immigration programs. By targeting specific in-demand occupations, the stream helps to address labour shortages and skills gaps in the Ontario job market.

This article will provide an overview of the key features and requirements of the OINP In-Demand Skills Stream, helping you determine if this immigration pathway may be a good fit for your skills and career goals.

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Documents Needed for OINP In-Demand Skills Stream

Before applying online for nomination by the Ontario government for permanent residence, you need to register in the OINP’s Expression of Interest System and wait to receive an invitation to apply.

When you apply to the In-Demand Skills Stream of the OINP, ensure you scan and upload the following mandatory documents:

  • Applicant consent form
  • Identity documents
  • Status documents in Canada
  • Job offer documents
  • Documents verifying your work history
  • Education documents
  • Language test results
  • Resume
  • Expression of interest selection factors
  • Any other optional documents, if applicable.

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Requirements for OINP In-Demand Skills Stream

The applicant must fulfill the following requirements to be qualified for the stream:

Job Offer Criteria 

To be eligible for the In-Demand Skills stream, your job offer in Ontario must meet the following criteria:

1. Full-time and Permanent

  • The job offer must be for a full-time position, requiring a minimum of 1,560 hours per year or at least 30 hours of paid work weekly.
  • It must be permanent, without an end date, and ineligible for seasonal or contract-based positions.
  • Job offers affecting individuals involved in labour disputes are not accepted.

2. Eligible Occupation

The position can be located anywhere in Ontario and must fall under National Occupational Classification (NOC) TEER category 4 or 5.

  • Within the Greater Toronto Area, eligible occupations include:
OccupationNOC codes
Home support workers, caregivers, and related occupations44101
Meat cutters and fishmongers65202
Construction trades helpers and labourers75110
Specialized livestock workers and farm machinery operators84120
Livestock and harvesting labourers85100
Harvesting labourers85101
Nursery and greenhouse labourers85103
Industrial butchers and meat cutters, poultry preparers and related workers94141
  • Outside the Greater Toronto Area, eligible occupations include:
OccupationNOC codes
Machine operators, mineral and metal processing94100
Metalworking and forging machine operators94105
Machining tool operators94106
Machine operators of other metal products94107
Chemical plant machine operators94110
Plastics processing machine operators94111
Woodworking machine operators94124
Industrial sewing machine operators94132
Process control, or, machine operators, or food and beverage processing94140
Electronics assemblers, fabricators, inspectors and testers94201
Mechanical assemblers and inspectors94204
Metal finishing process operators, or industrial painters, or coaters 94213
Other products assemblers, finishers and inspectors94219
Labourers in chemical products processing and utilities95102

3. Median Wage Level

  • The salary offered for the job must either match or surpass the median wage for the occupation in the particular region of Ontario where you will be employed.
  • To find the median wage, visit the Job Bank website, enter the occupation title and NOC code, and filter by location.
  • If the wage for the employment region is unavailable, use the Ontario wage.
  • If currently employed in the position, the offered wage must match or exceed your current wage, in addition to meeting the median wage level.

4. Urgent Necessity to Employer’s Business

  • The offered position must be crucial to your employer’s business, aligning with their ongoing activities and deemed urgently necessary for business maintenance or growth.

5. Work Based in Ontario

  • Under the job offer, you must conduct your primary work in Ontario.

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Applicant Requirements for OINP In-Demand Skills Stream

For the approval of your application for the OINP In-Demand Skills Stream, you must fulfill all requirements detailed below. 

1. Interest Expression and Application Invitation

You should have received an invitation to apply and submitted your application within the specified deadline. You must provide proof that the qualifications you claimed in your initial expression of interest with the OINP are indeed yours and have been attested.

2. Work Experience

You require a minimum of 9 months of cumulative paid full-time work experience (or its part-time equivalent) in Ontario, within the same in-demand occupation (with identical NOC code) as your job offer. This experience must have been acquired by you within the three years preceding your application submission date while you were residing and working legally in Ontario.

For periods of self-employment, documentation is required, like client reference letters outlining your responsibilities and duration of work, along with evidence of payments received for services rendered (e.g., invoices). Self-issued reference letters, those from business partners, or family members are not accepted.

3. Valid Licensing or Authorization (if applicable)

Applicants with job offers in occupations requiring a license or authorization in Ontario must hold a valid license or authorization from the relevant regulatory body in Ontario at the time of application.

4. Language Proficiency

Proficiency in either English or French, at a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 4 or higher, is necessary. To demonstrate language proficiency, you must undertake an approved English or French language test before application submission, within two years of the submission date.

5. Education

You need to have a Canadian secondary school diploma or its equivalent from another country. If education was completed outside Canada, an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report proving equivalence to a Canadian high school diploma is necessary. The assessment must be conducted not exceeding five years from the application submission date.

6. Intention to Reside in Ontario

Demonstration of intent to reside in Ontario post-granting of permanent residence is imperative. This is evaluated through various ties to Ontario, such as employment history, job applications or offers, educational pursuits, volunteering, property ownership or leasing, visits, professional networks, familial connections, and personal relationships.

7. Legal Status in Canada (if applicable)

Applicants applying from within Canada must possess legal status (visitor record, study permit, or work permit) at the time of application and maintain it until nomination. ‘Implied status’ allows for continuation of work or study under the same conditions as the existing permit until a decision is reached on pending IRCC applications.

Employer Requirements

For eligibility under the Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills Stream, your employer must fulfill the following criteria:

1. General Requirements

  • Operating actively for a minimum of three years before submitting your application.
  • Maintaining business premises in Ontario where your employment will be based.
  • Have no outstanding orders against them under the Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2000, or the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  • Demonstrating sufficient efforts to recruit Canadian citizens or permanent residents before extending the job offer to you, particularly applicable if you are residing outside of Canada or working outside Ontario.

OINP aims to aid employers encountering difficulties in filling positions domestically due to skill shortages. Employers are expected to conduct domestic recruitment autonomously or engage recruitment agencies/specialists (e.g., head hunters, HR consulting firms) with expertise in domestic talent acquisition.

2. Revenue Requirements

Your employer’s business must meet the following revenue criteria for the most recent fiscal year:

  • A minimum of CAD 1,000,000 in total gross annual revenue if your employment will be in or directed to the Greater Toronto Area (City of Toronto, Durham, Halton, York, and Peel regions).
  • A minimum of CAD 500,000 in total gross annual revenue if your employment will be in or directed to a location outside the Greater Toronto Area.

3. Full-Time Employee Requirements

At the time of application submission, your employer’s business must have:

  • A minimum of five full-time employees who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, working at the location where you will be employed or directed to work if the location is within the Greater Toronto Area.
  • A minimum of three full-time employees who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, working at the location where you will be employed or directed to work if the location is outside the Greater Toronto Area.

4. Employer Form

Your employer must complete and sign an Employer Form for the approval of the employment position. Subsequently, your employer should provide you with the form for scanning and uploading your application.

Scoring Criteria for OINP In-Demand Skills Stream

Upon registering an expression of interest in this stream, points will be assigned according to the following criteria. Upon receiving an invitation to apply, you must furnish specific documents corresponding to each scoring factor for which you were awarded points. It is imperative to fulfill all criteria for this stream and enclose mandatory documents with your application.

Job offer: NOC Broad Occupational Category

Occupational CategoryPoints
0, 2, 310
1, 95
4, 84
5, 63

Wage Per Hour

40 or higher10
35 to 39.998
30 to 34.997
25 to 29.996
20 to 24.995
20 or less0

Work Permit Status

  • With a valid work permit: 10 points
  • Without a valid work permit: 0 points

Job Tenure 

  • Working in a job offer position for 6 months or more: 3 points
  • Working in a job offer position or not currently working in a position for less than 6 months: 0 points

Earnings in Canada in a Year

Taken from a Notice of Assessment provided by the Canada Revenue Agency within the past five years.

  • More than or equal to CAD 40,000: 3 points
  • Less than CAD 40,000: 0 points

Location of Job Offer

  • Northern Ontario: 10 points
  • Other areas outside GTA (excluding Northern Ontario): 8 points
  • Inside GTA (except Toronto): 3 points
  • Toronto: 0 points

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The OINP In-Demand Skills stream serves as a pathway for individuals with sought-after skills in fields such as agriculture and construction to secure permanent residency and employment opportunities in Ontario. This stream extends its welcome to applicants both within and outside of Canada, providing a chance to explore the vibrant prospects offered by the province. With the support of employers meeting the criteria and the guidance provided throughout the application process, individuals can embark on their journey toward permanent residency in Ontario.

FAQs for OINP In-Demand Skills Stream

1. What is the OINP In-Demand Skills Stream?
The OINP In-Demand Skills Stream is a pathway for people with needed skills in fields like agriculture and construction to live and work in Ontario permanently. It’s open to applicants from both inside and outside Canada.

2. What documents do I need to apply for the OINP In-Demand Skills Stream?
You’ll need several documents, including an applicant consent form, identity and status documents, job offer papers, work history proofs, educational records, language test results, resume, expression of interest factors, and any other relevant documents.

3. What are the main requirements for a job offer to qualify for the OINP In-Demand Skills Stream?
The job must be full-time and permanent, fall under certain eligible occupations, meet or exceed the median wage level, be urgently necessary for the employer’s business, and require work to be done in Ontario.

4. What qualifications must I meet as an applicant for the OINP In-Demand Skills Stream?
You should have received an invitation to apply, have at least 9 months of paid full-time work experience in Ontario within the same in-demand occupation, possess any required licenses or authorizations, demonstrate language proficiency, hold a Canadian secondary school diploma or equivalent, intend to reside in Ontario, and have legal status in Canada if applying from within.

5. What are the In-Demand Skills in Ontario?
Within the Greater Toronto Area, eligible occupations include home support workers, caregivers (NOC 44101), meat cutters, and fishmongers (NOC 65202), construction trades helpers and labourers (NOC 75110), specialized livestock workers and farm machinery operators (NOC 84120), livestock and harvesting labourers (NOC 85100), harvesting labourers (NOC 85101), nursery and greenhouse labourers (NOC 85103), and industrial butchers and meat cutters, poultry preparers, and related workers (NOC 94141).

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