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New Brunswick PNP

The province of New Brunswick has a modern service-based economy with major financial and insurance industries. Over time, it has welcomed immigrants from diverse corners of the globe. The New Brunswick PNP is a program of this province to attract immigrants with skills and experience that align with its labour market needs.

When individuals apply to NB PNP programs, they must ensure they are PR-ready, meet all minimum eligibility requirements and have all necessary documents readily available to prepare and submit a comprehensive and accurate application to the province of New Brunswick. For further information on the New Brunswick PNP programs, keep reading our article. 

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NB PNP Streams

Each New Brunswick PNP program has distinct eligibility criteria for age, language proficiency test scores, educational qualifications, and professional background. Applicants should confirm their eligibility for a specific stream before initiating the application process. Before we talk about eligibility criteria, let us take a look at the streams of New Brunswick PNP.

1. New Brunswick PNP Streams for Candidates 

NB offers three streams for candidates as discussed below:

New Brunswick Express Entry Stream

Related to the federal express entry system, the New Brunswick Express Entry Stream of the NBPNP sends an Invitation to Apply for permanent residency from IRCC Canada.

  • Must qualify for New Brunswick Express Entry Stream through Federal Express Entry Immigration Programs: Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, or Canadian Experience Class.
  • Create a Federal Express Entry Profile and enter the candidate pool via IRCC.
  • Possess one year of full-time paid work or equivalent part-time work in specific NOC categories, either in Canada or internationally.
  • Provide valid language test results dated within 18 months before application submission.
  • If not a Canadian institution graduate, provide an Educational Credential Assessment.
  • Settlement funds are not mandatory for Open Work Permit holders with at least one year of relevant Canadian work experience.

New Brunswick Strategic Initiative Stream

New Brunswick Strategic Initiative Stream stream is for French-speaking workers who have certain skills and experience. Applicants must fulfill these criteria:

  • Applicants must be at least 19 years old at application submission.
  • Minimum NCLC 5 score in French in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • Demonstrate genuine intent to reside in New Brunswick.
  • Hold a Canadian secondary diploma or equivalent foreign credential supported by an Educational Credential Assessment.
  • Establish qualifying connection to New Brunswick through:
    • Job offer from a New Brunswick employer.
    • Meeting New Brunswick PNP priorities such as completing a degree from designated institutions or living in NB while working remotely.
    • In-person exploratory visit within 12 months before submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) for candidates outside Canada.
  • Settlement funds are not required for Open Work Permit holders with one year of Canadian work experience (TEER 0, 1, 2, or 3); proof of funds is otherwise necessary.

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New Brunswick Private Career College Graduate Pilot Program

New Brunswick Private Career College Graduate Pilot Program is aimed at international graduates who have the required skills, education, and work experience. It serves as an immigration pathway for graduates of select DLIs in priority occupations. Candidates are required to:

  • Secure full-time employment within 90 days in a priority occupation relevant to your field of study.
  • Ensure your offered wage matches prevailing rates for your occupation in New Brunswick.
  • Obtain certification or licensure for regulated occupations if applicable.
  • Age requirement: 19 to 55 years old.
  • Provide valid language test results (CLB 5 for English or NCLC 5 for French).
  • Complete a program in a priority occupation at an eligible private career college in New Brunswick for at least 10 months.

New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream

Made for foreign nationals with a job offer in NB, the New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream facilitates permanent residency for individuals possessing the necessary skills and work experience for the province’s economy.

  • Have a genuine intention for residency in New Brunswick after obtaining permanent residency status.
  • Possess one year of relevant work experience within the last five years, aligning with the NOC skill level of the job offer.
  • Secure unconditional, full-time, year-round employment from a New Brunswick employer in an eligible occupation with a competitive wage.
  • Submit a signed Employer Information Form (NBPNP-004) with your application.
  • Remote work options may be available for job duties.
  • Obtain necessary certification or licensing if your job offer falls within the regulated occupations in New Brunswick.

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2. New Brunswick PNP Streams for Businesses

Offering a pathway to permanent residency for seasoned entrepreneurs willing to establish, operate, and actively manage a business in the province, the New Brunswick Business Immigration Stream fosters entrepreneurship and settlement within the province. When investing in a business, ensure you:

  • Invest a minimum of CAD 150,000 before tax, excluding personal items like your primary residence and vehicles.
  • Maintain at least 33.3% equity in the business.
  • Use eligible equity investments from your net worth, which can include business premises, office equipment, production machinery, initial inventory, professional services, and vehicles, within specified limits based on the total eligible investment.

3. New Brunswick PNP Streams for Employers

New Brunswick also has two streams for employers. They are discussed below:

Atlantic Immigration Program

Providing skilled foreign workers and international graduates from recognized post-secondary institutions in Atlantic Canada an avenue to permanent residency, the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) requires endorsement by a designated employer, facilitating recruitment for positions unable to be filled locally.

New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot

Through this program, participating employers target skilled workers to fill positions vital to their operations. Candidates cannot apply on their own under this program. For the New Brunswick PNP Critical Worker Pilot eligibility:

  • Age requirement: 19-55 years old.
  • Language proficiency: CLB 4 for English and NCLC 4 for French.
  • Education: Canadian secondary diploma or equivalent foreign credential.
  • Accumulate 1,560 work hours within the last five years.
  • Show genuine intent to reside in New Brunswick.
  • Obtain a full-time valid job offer from an eligible NB employer.
  • Receive a competitive wage aligned with NB wage rates for the occupation.

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The NB PNP offers a pathway for skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and graduates to immigrate and contribute to the province’s economic growth. With tailored streams and employer-driven initiatives, it aims to address labour market needs while welcoming individuals who bring valuable skills and expertise to New Brunswick.

NB PNP Program FAQs

Q. What is the eligibility for NB PNP?
A. Eligibility for the New Brunswick PNP program differs from stream to stream, in general, it requires applicants to be aged between 19 and 55 at the time of application, have at least a Canadian secondary (high school) diploma or its equivalent, and a minimum score of CLB 4.

Q. Do I need a job offer to apply for NB PNP?
A. Some NB PNP streams require candidates to have a job offer from a New Brunswick employer.

Q. What is the NB PNP processing time?
A. The NB PNP processing time differs from stream to stream but typically takes 14 to 20 months to process applications.

Q. What is the age limit for NB PNP?
A. The NB PNP age limit differs according to streams but some have an age limit of 19-55.

Q. Is IELTS required for the New Brunswick PNP program?
A. Applicants must provide language test results taken within the past two years. Accepted tests include IELTS, PTE and CELPIP for English proficiency.

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